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Hello, and welcome to my place of healing, where the energy is positive and the mind is pure. I am Psychic Eden, and I have been gifted with the ability to sense and detect auras and to look into your past, present & future, tell you all about love & relationships, career, health and much more. I am based in the San Antonio, Texas area, and I provide my readings and healing services to local residents & visitors in-person and to clients worldwide by phone & online.

I provide spiritual guidance to those who feel lost or confused. I can assist you in finding answers to major and minor decisions you have to make everyday in life. I have dedicated my life to helping as many people as I can, and I have been successful in doing so. And as long as you ask for help, you can receive it! Through one of my readings, you can find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.

PALM READING :  is an ancient practice which involves the observing of one’s palm to tell the present and past of the person. It is one of the oldest and most prominent practice in spirituality

TAROT CARD READING : is a very in depth reading telling you all about your past present & future, love and relationships, health, career, family & friends and much more.

CRYSTAL BALL READING : a deep reading about yourself and covers all the same subjects the tarot cards do but gives a more detailed analysis regarding your aura, chakra & energetic fields.

Meditation and spiritual healing is also an area I specialize in.

Meditation is the building of internal energy through focusing and freeing of the mind, where the meditator rises above the flesh to attain a level of spirituality higher than others. To sense and discover inner peace and foster self-discovery. I help those who are spiritually ill by giving great spiritual advice, life coaching & guiding your feet to the right path in this journey of life.

Chakra Balancing Also Available!

chakrasChakra which is translated as “wheel” stands for points in the body that receive and radiate energy and life force in the body. There are seven Chakra points in the body and the radiation of energy in all vary. An irregular production of chakra creates an imbalance which can lead to disorientation and disarray in the body system. Chakra balancing is needed to solve this in order to make the body function well as one unit.

I offer natural and holistic chakra balancing to help attract positive energy and vibes, so that you can have a peaceful and fulfilled life. Some symptoms of an imbalanced chakra are: restlessness, fatigue, depression, aches & pains with no medical explanation, difficulty in relationships/marriages, nightmares, job/finances failing, weight gain, disconnection from Spirit, feelings of “something is missing”, etc.

Sessions by Phone & In-Person (San Antonio, Texas Area)

One visit or session with me will convince you that you have come to the right place. You should come with an open heart and mind for the best results, as any doubts or negative energy might affect your reading.

All of my readings are private and confidential. No audio or video recordings are allowed during any reading!  I accept walk-ins & appointments. I am open Monday – Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm. I am available after 7 pm till 9 pm by appointment only and closed on Sundays.

Life is too short to be unhappy! Give me a call today! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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