Testimonials for Psychic Eden

Here is some Testimonials of very satisfied customers! E-mail me if you would like your testimonial posted on this page (only verified clients will be posted).

Rob June
She gives great readings, offers so much details and truly does explain the situation that is going on. She is a must visit in San Antonio! Absolutely THE BEST! I RECOMMEND HER. She doesn’t miss a beat and is truely on her A game. She also takes her time, gives phone readings due to Covid virus. Give her a try, everything she says is spot on. Thank you Eden for all that you do to help others, I truly felt her Spiritual Light. 😘😇👆💕💙💚💛💜

William Faulkner
My fist time trying something like this and it was a wonderful experience. I felt like this was genuine; some stuff that came up was too accurate to be a lucky guess. I’d recommend this place if you’ve ever been interested but never tried it.

Balla Club
So a while ago I was feeling really down about a certain situation and I didn’t know to whom to talk to. I took a chance and called Eden and 😳 WOW. So the great thing about Eden is that she won’t ask many questions because she doesn’t really have to. She will tell you what she sees with her card readings and give it to you straight. She will take her time to lay out your situation and trust me it will shock you how she can read your situation. She won’t make you feel rushed. She has a great personality and she has heart. She’s now has a YouTube and she’s a MUST add on Tik Tok where I first found her. She just recently did a second read for me and was able to pick up and update my current situation and what she foresaw in the future. She’s well worth the call.

She has very good energy. I have a lot going on and she gave me a lot to mediate on.

Jeremiah Walters
Shes the best in San Antonio and she knew everything, i never said a word but name and dob! The best!

M Alcorta
My first reading was very accurate. She told me things that no other psychic could pick up. I was very impressed. Also the advice and the help she provides is invaluable.

Gregory Richardson
I’m new in town, but I do not plan on giving up most of my old ways. When things go rough, I have always been the type to not turn a cheek to anyone that lends an ear and puts in their two cents (especially if they’re certified). Turns out, when dealing with a REAL psychic, I did not have to say much of anything and still received some of the best “life tips” I have gotten in the last few years.